Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 165

Day 165, originally uploaded by AprilMN.

Today's theme for boot camp is drizzle

This was a little tricky and very sticky!!!


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Did you hold the bottle, squeeze, and try not to breathe or shake? :) That is what I did with my bubble shot from Picture Spring. Not as easy as it looks.

Very nice capture.

April said...

Haha, actually no... I was using my 70-300mm so I had to be far back! I used a few elastics to hold it to the kitchen faucet. A couple of times I would have to go and squeeze it, then run back and hope It hadn't dropped yet! It was pretty fun, but I really wish I had someone there to help me!!!

J. said...

It turned out great though!
I love honey :)

missesbarlow said...

would drooling count as "drizzle"? if so i can drool for you next time? love the photo april! you're so talented!

Michelle... said...

haha I love how the bear face is peaking out of the corner, great shot!