Friday, June 11, 2010


162, originally uploaded by AprilMN.
Day 6 of boot camp:

The theme for today is "fluid"

Using water probably wasn't thinking outside the box too much, so I thought I would slow it down. I really like how this turned out and had fun doing it!  Check it out large

Today we were supposed to get out of our comfort zone and shoot something different.  I like things sharp and with alot of depth.  Today I smoothed things out by having a slow shutter speed.  That is why the water looks so whispy, it almost looks like smoke which is fun.  Here are a couple other shots.  They are taken with faster shutter speeds, so the droplets are more formed:

Oh and my kitchen was such a mess after this, haha!


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful shot!

April said...

You are too quick, I hadn't even finished posting yet :)

Becky said...

i love the SPLASH of this! it is so playful and happy and really, it so makes me feel good at the end of my day.

Beth Simmons said...

I LOVE what you've done with water! I think you definitely thought outside the box:) I have been loving your boot camp images and your blog is lovely! Thanks for finding mine:)

PhotoPuddle said...

Amazing photos. You've captured the moving water so well.