Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 158

Day 158, originally uploaded by AprilMN.
Day two of Boot Camp

The prompt was picnic, which was perfect because we had some friends visiting from out of town :) How does this picture depict picnic? Well those 2 boys, plus my 2 year old(not shown) chased my hubby around for about an hour! wore.him.out!

lots and lots of running :)

Some daily thoughts from today's Boot Camp was the meaning of artist, and if we consider ourselves one. Up until this point I would not have considered my self an artist... but I do love beautiful objects, moments, memories and every time I press the shutter I try to capture that beauty. So maybe I am an artist, but I think I may keep that thought on the inside for a little bit longer :)

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Deb said...

I definitely think you are an artist! A wonderful, and very talented artist! I mean, is photography not an art?