Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am in a Happy Place

Since I decided at the end of last year to start my photography business I have been kind of freaking out...

"what do I do now.."

I did some research and found  SO MANY people say how awesome Easy As Pie is written by Alicia Caine.  I took the plunge and it is amazing but I still was missing a major important factor, my business plan!  I kept hearing about that little plan and put it to the side.  Well that smart Alicia put together a Happy Place Business plan and I thought "well it seems like it is important I will take a gander." 

Let me tell you it is awesome!  Not only does she help you in all the important things that need to be considered and planned out in your business, she gives her real life examples that she has already experienced.  I can feel her genuine love for her readers and her authenticity seaping from the pages.

If you are interested in starting a portrait photography business I highly highly recommend everything Alicia has to offer :)

xoxo April

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rachel june* said...

Well thanks for sharing! I realized just this week I NEED A BUSINESS PLAN. Whether that be declaring a business, setting limits and rules, etc. I need one. Small or big. Too many times I've gotten taken advantage of and I know its my own fault! This week was finally the bugger that broke me. I need to make it fun, keep my passion and worth my time and hassle of baby sitters. Finding the time to explore, decide and set-up is where I lack. Thanks for the nod!