Thursday, February 3, 2011


During Make Things Happen we talked a lot about what distracts our focus from business, the clutter in our lives and the environment we work/live in.  I realize that distractions, (ie, facebook, google reader, flickr) and clutter are two things I need to try and fix to help me feel more centered and balanced.  I think so far I have done pretty well.  I cleaned off my desk a bit and emptied the book shelf above my desk to reorganize (still in progress)  I have taken time to de-clutter most rooms in my house even if it was only 5 minutes of cleaning/organizing I feel much better.  I also I have cut back on internet distractions, I only check in the morning really quick, 15 minutes, during nap time, and then after the kids go to bed.  Each time I try to keep it brief and move on.  I unsubscribed to alot of useless blogs (people of walmart etc).  I feel so much better about these achievements and hope to continue so I can stay focused and be less stressed.

Also everyday there are 5 things that I know I need to do to feel balanced spiritually, physically and mentally.  I made picture above that I am printing out and framing to put on my desk, one in my room and one in my car.  Why?  So I can remind myself to do it, visually seeing these essential things help me to actually acheive them!

PRAY.  I have been taught from a young age how important prayer is.  In my home we do really well and blessing our food, saying nightly prayers as a family and Danny and I say a prayer together every night before bed.  But I am missing a huge component, personal prayer.  I used to be really good at this especially at the end of high school, through college and when were first married.  I got worse with the kids mostly because I was too tired.  I had a huge epiphany the other day with my son Mason.  He kept whining and grunting for a snack.  I knew what he wanted but I wanted him to use his words and ask me nicely.  Oh my goodness, our Heavenly Father is the same way!  He knows what we want, but we need to ask him with real intent in our hearts.

READ SCRIPTURES.  I feel lately that I am in a spiritual rut, again I am blaming the "tiredness' of having kids but that is no excuse.  I know I need to make time in my day for personal study because it does make a huge impact on how I feel spiritually and my relationships with others (kids & hubby especially)

EXERCISE.  I try and go to the gym a couple of times a week while Mason is at pre-school which is great and feels good.  But there are days when I can't/won't go to the gym but I have other resources.  I have lots of workout tapes and dvds.  Even if I only do 30 crunches or 10 push ups I am going to do some sort of physical exercise everyday!

EAT FRUITS AND VEGGIES.  During December and beginning of January I participated in a Healthy Habits challenge.  One of the components was to eat at least 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies every single day.  I felt so much better reaching for healthy snacks.  The last few weeks I haven't pushed myself to eat as many veggies so I am going to start again!

SLEEP.  I need sleep.  I do not function well.  My plan is to get to bed by 10:30 every night so I can get a least 7-8 hours.  If that doesn't happen I will try and squeeze a nap in.  Either way I am going to give my self enough sleep so I will feel better mentally and be more patient with my kids!

What are things you need to do everyday to feel centered mentally/physically/spiritually?  

If you feel like the 5 things I chose are also for you, you are welcome to print off my everyday list for personal use.  Just click on the picture above and save it to your computer.  I made it as a 5x7, not sure if it will work as a 4x6.


Deb said...

This is great inspiration. I need more of all of these things too. (Especially veggies.) I've been trying to cut back on internet too and it makes a huge difference in my mood and every day life. Good luck with your goals!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

What a delightful post!!! I love seeing you writing more. Your list is perfect. My word for the year is Purpose. I am trying to determine the Purpose of everything that I do... is it adding to my life and future goals or hindering. I agree with you about prayer. I need to resume my bible studies and incorporate them more into everyday life. Thank you for the reminder.

huge hugs. tam

Kirstin said...

What an inspirational list of things to do every day! You can DO it! x

Barb @ getupandplay said...

April, you've totally inspired me, too! I found myself nodding along as I read! Thanks for the visual reminder- I'll definitely be using it!!!

rachel june* said...

yup, gotta prioritize to make life balanced. i too, cut back much of my internet time. at first it was a feeling of "missing out on something" but now I feel much better with all I am accomplishing.

that workshop sounds amazing. i too love Natalie Norton through her blog and have desired to go. This may just have given me that reason in the future!