Friday, August 27, 2010


I had another post go up on Mortal Muses today, this weeks theme is black and white.  Also there is a new feature called Everyday Beauty that you check out and join as well!

And just because I don't know when else I would post them, here are some more black and white pictures that I worked on for the post.  Mostly I just took pictures from my vacation and said "hum, I wonder what this would look like in black and white :) "


museumeg said...

Gorgeous work again! The last picture is precious.

justinegordon said...

I've seen your dog picture 3 times today! I commented on it in flickr already and now have come to your blog as I am participating in the 365 challenge too! love your photos, they are beautiful

Deb said...

They're all awesome, but I especially love the balloons one.