Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mortal muses

I really really need to go to bed but I wanted to share some awesomeness!  One of my blogging friends that I met while doing Picture Spring and Picture Summer came up with a brilliant idea and wonderful blog, mortal muses.

"The Mortal Muses are a group of nine like-minded female photographers from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Each day, one of the muses will post a photo based on the current theme and select a companion photo to feature from our flickr pool"

I am truly honored to be one of the muses and associating with truly amazing photographers!  Go check out the site, the wonderful photographers and beautiful photographs!

And thanks for all the kind words here and on flickr!  I am still vacationing for one more week.  When I get back to NY I can't wait to share more photos and catch up with everyone blog and flickr :)

Sweet dreams :)


Deb said...

Congrats. It's true, you are amazing. I LOVE your latest Bear Lake picture, it's incredible. "Mortal Muses" is an awesome name...that might sneak into my art blog soon hope no one minds.

mosey said...

So fun to be able to collaborate with you! cheers, kim

LAINA said...

How fun. You belong with all the great photographers cause you are great. I love your bio.

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Yay! You are a muse! :)