Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 230

Day 230, originally uploaded by AprilMN.

A moving lady bug on a moving 2 year old and the slowest macro lens makes for a fun half hour :) and 70 pictures later this is what I got :)

The kids really enjoyed playing with the lady bugs (we had a bunch in the house) but the little ladies didn't really appreciate their enthusiasm


Becky Sue said...

Your persistence and patience were rewarded. I had a lady bug land on me today and it bit me! I didn't know that they bite. It made think twice about setting them free from the confines of my home.

April said...

oh they bite, ick I didn't know. I am glad none of them bit my kids!

Rachel said...

how did ya get your hands on a macro lens? this picture is awesome and i think worth the 70+ pics!

April said...

My brother bought one of craigs list and right now he is on his mission so I get to borrow it! It isn't the best quality (it seriously takes 30 secs to focus on anything) but it is fun to play with :)

Jeff Grandon said...

What lens is it? You're focusing manually right? Autofocus is usually a waste of time. Even so, that sounds about right for the hit ratio of sharp to blurry images.

April said...

Jeff it is a Vivitar 100mm macro. Like I said before my brother bought it off craigs list and I get to use it while he is on his mission.

I was switching between manual and auto focus, I can't remember with this one. It certainly was tricky because auto focus is waaaaaay to slow, and manual if anything moves a tiny bit it is blurry again.

Either way I am happy I got this considering the moving child and moving bug. It isn't really sharp but it was by far the least blurry!