Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39

Day 39, originally uploaded by AprilMN.

G is for green grapes.

I am getting so excited about this book for M.

Any suggestions on getting a book made? I have heard of shutterfly and blurb, but I was wondering if anyone has actually used them.


Barb @ getupandplay said...

I have used Shutterfly before and was really pleased. They have deals from time to time, too, which is nice.

alison said...

I've done little books through both shutterfly and blurb and was pleased enough. I had a photo printed, matted and framed through and was pretty blown away - if their books are anything like this print/framing they did... it's good news.

Anonymous said...

Very well composed, crisp and clear..

The grapes look lively and yummie. Well done.

Might be strange, but one of your shot was selected once again as the best shot of yesterday Check it out

Kim said...

I know it sounds weird but Costco does this as well. My mom made a book for my dad on their 20th anniversary I believe with pictures and adventures of our family over the years and turned out really well done. Plus they had some killer deals.

Either way I totally love this idea of yours :)

Deb said...

I'm making a book for June right now, a one year story book about her life as a baby. I am doing on I've heard and seen lots of good stuff from them.

amy said...

We have a bunch of companies to choose from in Australia and I have made a few (wedding, holidays, 30th birthdays etc) photobook australia have come up with the best products so far and they often have great deals. I got buy one get one free for my wedding book. Great paper, good prints and great binding. Check them out - not sure where you are hopefully they post around the world. Good luck, your book is going to be spectacular.