Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38 F is for family

Here is a little self timer fun. We didn't have much time before Danny had to leave for church, but this is what we got! I am definitely going to try this again :)

My favorite


Kiesha said...

Love the family shots! I'm going to have to try the self timer too.

Jeff Grandon said...

Top is my favorite. I peeked at the EXIF, looks like you were battling low light with the high ISO; wish you could have gotten a little more depth of field to put more in focus. This is all forgivable because the feel is so nice, and that's what really matters!

Ward photos are being done at f/5.6 but I'm probably a little farther back so it helps. Plus the flash freezes everything. I had my first slightly out of focus kids standing behind parents today.

You took a lot today! They're all just great.

Deb said...

Aww you have the cutest little family. I LOVE the feet shot BTW, both of them!

M. Hassan said...

Lovely family!

April said...

Thanks everyone!

Jeff... I definitely agree. When Mason is in the picture I try and a achieve the highest shutter speed possible with out being wide open. He is a fast little bugger, and Lily is quickly catching up!

We took all these pictures in about 10-15 min before Danny had to leave for his mtg. Hopefully we can try again when we have more time for me to play with the settings!