Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 79

Day 79, originally uploaded by AprilMN.

Hope everybody's day was as beautiful as mine! Happy first day of spring :)


These Nine Acres said...

Mine was beautiful too. What a lovely and sensitive photo. Thanks for stopping in at Nine Acres. It was a pleasure to have you there. I have bookmarked you as well.

Rachel said...

I love this photo! the water and light make it sensitive and loving like family ought be. you gotta find a way to get in on these great moments you are capturing! It's going to be my goal to do the same and either use my remote or the self timer.

Also, my grandma links to your blog off mine and is obsessed with the cuteness of your red headed children. we have red head genes in our family and everyone is crossing their fingers for ONE! Lucky you have two.

Anonymous said...

Love the amazing bokeh and the intimate bond between the family.

Well done!