Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7

Day 7, originally uploaded by AprilMN.

2 year olds do sit still... for 10 seconds!

Too bad it is so noisy.


Jeff Grandon said...

1. At small sizes I see no noise.
2. Just tell people it's film grain. Very appropriate for this kind of shot.
3. Black & white conversion is the perfect thing to do with noisy photos.
4. Flickr says you shot this at f/3.2 and ISO 1600. If you had opened up to maximum speed for the lens, f/1.8, you could have gone with 1-2/3 stops slower ISO, which would probably eliminate the noise, something like ISO 400 or 500. Same deal with the 1/100 shutter speed, you could have increased it to 1/50 and again reduced ISO to lessen noise.
5. I played with it in Topaz Adjust Photoshop plug in and it reduced the noise really well.

April said...

Yes it doesn't look noisy on the blog, but it is when I played with it in PSE.

I do shoot wide open alot, to decrease the ISO, but I have had a real problem lately focusing on their eyes when it is at f/1.8. Plus he was jumping on the bed and moving like crazy. So I wanted my shutter as high as I could with out being wide open. Thus the higher ISO.

Shooting in M is tricky with a 2 year old :) Don't be fooled by the stillness of the photo, he was only like that for 5-10 sec!

I need to learn more about PSE and how to use it! Library here I come :)

Jeff Grandon said...

Do an interlibrary loan to get this one, or find the appropriate book for the version of PSE you use, they keep updating it. These books are the best.

Ellen said...

I love this one! I don't know what you're talking about with noise stuff but I guess I am clueless about the photography lingo!