Saturday, January 8, 2011


I have seen quite a few people participating in 52 week project which seems right up my alley! I am going to have fun with it, low pressure and try to capture moments of my family that I want to remember. Some of these groups have themes and such for the week which I might also try out but I am not going to stress my self out too much because I got a little burned out with the 365.

This picture is funny because the boy is wearing a pair of baby girl shorts. My husband had to take the kids to a meeting and he had an accident. I forgot to prep the car with emergency clothes but my dear husband being so resourceful grabbed some clothes in the back that were meant to be donated. These shorts as his undies and some 0-3 month old girls pants that he squeezed on him as shorts. It was SO funny, I couldn't stop laughing and my little boy that it was hilarious until he tried walking up the stairs in super tight pants!

I love this picture because it captures their innocence and playing in their favorite spot, mom and dad's bed!


Deb said...

Thats funny! What's the 52 week project? Maybe I'll join, I need some motivation!

J. said...

Already commented on flickr, but this is just too cute.
Love it, April, and so glad you're joining in! yay!

Jamie said...

So so funny and what a creative dad.

rachel june* said...

this picture totally makes me smile! very cute.

Tug said...

What a fun photo - love the tones & sunlight!